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"A neverending stream of twists and turns, like a flowing river or the roots of a tree..."

Such is life.

Paige, a girl currently attending university in her hometown, discovers that someone has been following her. Strange noises come from around the house at night, and it seems that danger is near.  Everyone's trying to keep their secrets, but circumstances force them to reveal more and more. Who will prevail in the end? It's all up to you.

Black, White and  Grey is a story-heavy RPG Maker Game with puzzle horror elements and unique minigames.
I would recommend this game for people who like to see true friendships, betrayal, and conceiled personalities unravel.

Three interesting characters:

Perspective switches between Paige, her ex-boyfriend Newton, and her best friend Phoebe. All of them have their own stakes in the story, but in the end, not everybody can have it their way.

Three endings:

Black, White and Grey contains multiple routes, which contain 3 main and 3 minor endings. A complete playthrough takes about 2 hours.

CONTENT WARNINGS: This game contains mild swearing, blood, possible body horror (depictions of illness, etc.), and minor jumpscares (flashes of light or sound).

Dash - Shift (Hold)
Cancel, Menu - Esc, Num 0, X
Confirm, OK, Enter - Space, Enter, Z

You can access further controls such as fullscreen by pressing F1

You are free to make a review, letsplay, or anything of the sort, as long as you link back to the game's page on itch.io and my Twitter account (@Curseonosphere).

All credits:

Game by: Curse

Scripts used: Victor Sant, mjshi, Melkino (These people aren't directly affiliated with the project, I found their scripts online. Many thanks go out to them, this game would not have been possible without their hard work.)

Release date Aug 29, 2019
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, Horror, Minimalist, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Short, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download instructions:

Save the file, then extract it. Once it's done, open the folder and run the file named "Game" (the one with the red dragon icon).


Black, White and Grey.zip 129 MB


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Hello, I would like to translate the game into Spanish with your permission.

Hello! You have my permission :)

Just link back to my game page please (and let me know if you're done, I'd like to support your translation!)

Deleted 25 days ago

I'm still confused of what happened between Newton and Paige 2 years ago.. but the story was interesting and the minigames is fun and simple :)

One more thing I am confused about, how to get Bad End 3? 

This was super fun to play! Just one quick question, Is Desaturated ending one of the minor endings? Just want to make sure I got them all ^^

Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the Desaturated end is one of the minor ones.

Awesome, thank you so much!


Was this done in RPG Maker VX Ace?

Yes, it was


Well I'm interested in bringing it over to RPG Maker MV for you? I have done this with 3 games that are on my page. SO I have experience.

I'm grateful for the offer, but I'll have to decline. The game is in a finished state and I don't intend to add anything in the foreseeable future. Thank you for understaning.

Kind regards,


No worries ^^


I just finished playing. Really great story telling! 
Had me hooked from start to finish, until I got all the endings. 


Would you authorize me to translate your game into portuguese?




Sorry for responding so late. Do you have someplace we can get in contact (email)? I'll gladly authorize you to do it. I assume I need to send the game files?

Kind regards,


Yes, you can contact me by email (ballu.xp@gmail.com) or twitter (@MOONXP3). I will only need the fonts used. Thank you so much for the authorization and success for you!

I await your contact.



i had a blast! 

but im pretty sure i didn't do all the endings..


Hi! I'm interested in your game. Can I translate it into russian?

Hello! I'm currently on holiday and I don't have my computer nor a stable internet connection, but when I get home I'll contact you and we can discuss this.


Oh, okay. Then I'll wait you.

Hello! I'm back from vacation. Can I get in contact with you anywhere? My Twitter is @Curseonosphere

Unfortunately, I can't go on Twitter right now for some reason... I must have been hacked. But you can write me on Facebook, Instagram or on the Gmail. What do you choose?

(1 edit)

Email is good for me. My address is [removed] . I just want to talk to you about your previous work and if I need to help you with anything.

Edit: I'm sorry, you haven't responded in 3 days, so I deleted my email information - I don't like it being public. If you don't need my help with your translation, you can do it, you have my permission. Just credit me, and link back to my itch and twitter page.

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I loved your game! It had a great story, art, music, and puzzles. It was so much fun. I hope you make more similar to this :) I just wish it was longer because I liked it so much.  This is my favorite kind of "RPGMaker Horror games". 

methinks somebody played the grey garden


This is a really nice and cool game. I was a bit confused with the rule from that thing with the Hand. But when I read it a second time I did understand it. The graphic was really nice and unique.

Keep that good work up!

"twitched in order to succeed"

the "in order" part made me confused about the rules

I wish the pixel sprites had more contrast. It's hard to see the details of Paige's hair.




Just tested the game. Honestly loved it! :D
Looking forwards on streaming the game on my YouTube channel! 

Very neat game! I found it to be pretty neat with the dynamics of the characters and twist throughout the game. Thanks for sharing and feel free to checkout my playthrough sometime :D!

Here is a playlist of the full playthrough of the game I've done. I quite enjoyed it, the white ending had some meh dialogue but overall was a decent experience and I look forward to your next game.


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Hey I am having some issue trying to figure out the White ending could you help me

edit: I mean the black ending my bad


I'll try to make this as spoiler-free as possible, but for those who want to avoid those, just skip this comment.

- Make Phoebe climb the right fence, and then succeed in Newt's minigame.

Thank you I wanted to make my series as complete as possible, I got the white ending perfectly fine.


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

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this was a really cool little game! i wanted to say i really liked the puzzles. they were original and fun, ive never seen puzzles like them before tbh? and ive played lots of games before. they were a lot more exciting and interesting than boring, overdone puzzles like "find a journal that has a date and that date is the password for something" (i know youve seen this one a million times before too). so yeah!

and i really liked Newt, i might have a crush on him lol. i knew him for such a short while and was already so interested in him. i thought he was so smart and pretty well written ^^' anyway this is probably boring to read, im just praising you but. yeah! good game!

(1 edit)

Made part one of my Let's Play of the game going completely blind, it's interesting, some of the dialogue could use some work, the details of characters could be a bit more subtle. Also feel like music could help it. Overall a decent experience, I am hooked on the plot and can't wait to see what's next. 


Thank you so much! I never thought my game would get so much attention. I really appreciate it!

Interesting! I will test now.

Exciting, sophisticated, maybe a bit sad story. Really nice work!


I don't usually post commenst with reviews here, or something. But after finishing one ending in about thirty minutes - I gotta say I really love this game! The puzzles really want you to bring up some of your attention by concentrating on them, which is honestly fun to do. They also allow you to be pulled into the story a little more.

The story itself was really good as well; I loved the concept. I hope to someday see more of these kind of storylines.

Again - it's a short game but definitely worth the play! (I'll be finishing the other endings in a little bit :))

Thanks so much for making this game!

Thank you for your kind words! I'll definetely keep trying my best!